Since Adam's early days of web design and web / software development, he pushes the envelope of technology by experimenting. Much of his independent work came to be as experimentation in his interests.


6 Weeks to Sculpted

With the new version of Apple TV came tvOS, released in October of 2015. In the announcement 0f release a month prior in November, Adam built three apps utilizing TVML, TVJS, and Swift.

  • "6 Weeks to Sculpted with Ashley Borden". This was a project in works with a fitness celebrity (Ashley Borden), showcasing her workout program. The app provides a structured, easy-to-follow experience – navigating users through various video content.
  • "Math Flashcards Quiz With Blobby". This is an addition and subtraction app for children.
  • "ABC Flashcards – a Yummy Alphabet". This is a flashcard app for children learning the alphabet.

Google Glass

Memoirs Google Glass

"Memoirs" is a Google "Glassware" used to document memoir entries through voice recording. This is an app and counterpart website utilizing the Mirror API, Node.js, MongoDB, WebSockets and Backbone among an array of other technologies.


Math Flashcards Quiz With Blobby

  • "Math Flashcards Quiz With Blobby" is an iOS counterpart to the tvOS app - an addition and subtraction app for children. Adam used React.js and PhoneGap for this project.
  • "equalBalance" is a utility application simplifying the tracking of receipts and other banking transactions to maintain an accurate measure of accounts. This iPhone app utilizes PhoneGap, Web SQL, and JavaScript. Adam also built a PHP CodeIgniter web app to synchronize data from the device creating two layers of persistence.



  • "NYCG" (New York City Galleries) a showcase of NYC artists, venues and events. Unfortunately, this website is no longer active as the cost of the domain ( and upkeep wasn't worth the reward for Adam. He worked with J Squared Concept for design. The development stack consisted of Node.js, MongoDB, Express, Backbone.js, and Less. Adam created a separate REST service with the Restify module.
  • New York, Atlantic City, and San Diego "" websites were built as a sort of playground for Adam. They run on Amazon EC2 under NGINX. Adam also used these sites as a playground for learning Flux - the application architecture Facebook uses for building client-side web applications. Flux and React.js was used on the listing pages with infinite scrolling.


An Intro to HTML

  • "An Intro to HTML: The Skeleton of the Web Page". A light read for beginner web developers or anyone interested in learning HTML and basic concepts of web pages. This book provides code examples and an easy to follow path in learning how to build websites.
  • HTTP/2 and You. An article published in JavaScript Playground about the new version of the webs network protocol and it's implications on today's web developer.